Editorial: Turnbull’s nightmare continues—our chance to strike back

The coalition is in chaos. Every week seems to bring a fresh disaster for Malcolm Turnbull.

Editorial: Take the fight to Tory Turnbull’s war on workers

Jeremy Corbyn’s spectacular success in the British election should have worried Malcolm Turnbull. The Tories were humiliated for their agenda of cuts, in the face of socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to tax the rich to fund services.

Turnbull budget targets students, workers, unemployed—but no real pain for the rich

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have delivered a budget aimed at avoiding unpopular cuts, in a desperate effort to reverse their slide in the polls. The pundits say it’s a budget Labor could have delivered. But its tax increases deliver no real pain for the rich. Instead ordinary workers and the unemployed are being targeted.

Anti-union ABCC is back, but where was the fight?

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is set to return, with the aim of breaking the power of the construction unions.

Turnbull flounders—but Labor won’t fight his cuts

Malcolm Turnbull is floundering. Divisions within the Coalition, his own diminished authority and an unpopular political agenda have seen his standing in the polls drop further.

Editorial: Turnbull’s weakness our chance to force change

Malcolm Turnbull has been left weak and humiliated by the election result. Turnbull will be constantly looking over his shoulder, worried about whether any of his MPs will break ranks and about his electoral popularity. The government will be vulnerable to public pressure.

Turnbull humiliated as Liberals face parliamentary chaos

The election has delivered a savage blow to Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition government. The danger is that the disaffection with the mainstream parties can be pulled to the right.

All out to make sure it’s time up for Turnbull

There’s now a real chance the Liberals will lose the election on 2 July. As the election campaign has dragged on, it’s become clearer and clearer that Malcolm Turnbull stands for handouts to big business and the top end of town.

Turf the toff Turnbull and build a fightback

Turnbull has called an election on the back of a budget tailor-made for the rich. While there is less open savagery than in Tony Abbott’s hated 2014 budget, the priorities are clear.

Turnbull’s budget delivers for business and the rich

The centrepiece of Turnbull’s budget is handouts to business and high income earners. But for workers and the poor there are only cuts.

Billions in tax rorts for the rich still untouched

The 2016 Budget robs the poor to pay the rich. Its cuts to social welfare and other government payments and programs all had one target in mind—to fund tax cuts for big business. The handouts to business will cost $48 billion over ten years.

Turnbull’s budget for business and the rich

Turnbull has delivered a budget for business and the rich. Its centrepiece is handouts to business and high income earners. Most workers get nothing, except the impact of further cuts to services.

Editorial: Throw out millionaire Malcolm

The wheels have come off Malcolm Turnbull, as he fumbles, stumbles, and slides in the polls. Newspoll has the Liberals behind Labor at 51-49 for the first time since Turnbull became PM. Turnbull’s personal approval rating is in freefall, with just 38 per cent approving of his performance.

Strike out the ABCC, strike out Turnbull

Turnbull has pulled the trigger to call an early election, and is demanding that the Senate pass both the ABCC and the Registered Organisations bill, or he will hold a double dissolution election. The only guarantee that his anti-union laws can be stopped now is an industrial campaign.

Turnbull spends billions on war despite budget austerity

Massive investment in new weaponry aimed at containing China, a commitment to more war, and more intervention in the South Pacific—that’s the Turnbull government’s vision for a “capable, agile and potent” defence force in the 2016 Defence White Paper.

What’s the point of Malcolm Turnbull?

So ran a recent headline in the Financial Review. The ruling elite is getting worried.

No cuts, no privatisation: Stop Turnbull’s war on Medicare

Not content with cuts to pathology and diagnostic bulk-billing, the Turnbull government has resuscitated Tony Abbott’s plan to privatise Medicare payment systems. But these twin attacks on Medicare could prove to be Turnbull’s major mistake.

Turnbull stalls on equal marriage to please homophobic MPs

Part of the deal Malcolm Turnbull struck to take Tony Abbott’s job was promising to stick with his plan for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage after the next election.

Turnbull’s pathology cuts: the new war on Medicare

The Coalition is wielding the scalpel on Medicare—again. As part of their December mini-budget, the government announced cuts of $650 million over four years to an incentive for pathologists to bulk bill patients.

Tax avoidance is big business

The Australian Tax Office released the Corporate Tax Transparency Report in December. This first report specifically names the companies who paid new tax.

Islamophobia and climate failure expose Turnbull’s true colours

The aftermath of the Paris attacks has seen an even more determined campaign to scapegoat the Muslim community. And Turnbull’s embrace of Abbott’s policies has been displayed at the climate summit.

Malcolm Turnbull—Prime Minister for the millionaires

Turnbull is fully committed to delivering policies that benefit big business and the rich through cutting spending and delivering “economic reform”, promising "a thoroughly Liberal Government".

Turnbull stirs Islamophobia over raids and radicalisation

The Turnbull led-Coalition claims to be “resetting” the relationship between the government and the Muslim community. Turnbull has junked reference to “Team Australia”, as well as Abbott’s favoured term for Islamic State, “death cult”. But changing the rhetoric hasn’t changed the substance.

Turnbull—a new salesman but the same agenda

Just two years into his term as Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has been toppled by his own party. This is cause for celebration for...


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